About me

"Izabela is a Polish artist who combines different media including oil, acrylic, dry pastel and unique texture in paintings depicting mostly women and men. Using forms of artistic expression, she aims to portray the beauty that can be found in the simplicity of form we all know. She also enjoys painting portraits and use forms of artistic expression which best illustrate the essence of the person portrayed. She produces her work in London."

As a young child, growing up in an industrial town, I constantly searched for beauty in my surroundings. I found it in people and in the gracious movement of their bodies.

My passion is the "human body", with its anonymous beauty and the erotic magic it possesses. Because of its ever surprising nature, the body remains one of my strongest fascinations to this day.

I also enjoy creating artwork inspired by nature. I have always been "hungry" for adventure. Lately I became captivated by underwater world. Learning how to scuba dive has introduced me to another world. World full of vibrant colours, original textures and shapes. Taken by the beauty of the ocean I decided to create a collection of paintings called Aqua-phor.

I'm also increasingly engaged in community art projects and co-working alongside architects and interior designers.

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